Commodore Generation Coming Soon...

Commodore Generation is a new site that seeks to be your one stop place for all things Commodore Computers. Get the latest news on all the happenings in the Commodore Community. You will find information on all the systems you have grown to love including classic Commodore 8-bits as well as the Amiga line and even the Commodore MS-DOS computers. Anything and everything Commodore will be represented here.

Our Vision

We want this to be a community site of epic proportions. Frankly we are tired of the lackluster community sites that dominate the Commodore community. Don't get us wrong, the people that hang out in those communities are great! The sites, though, lack the latest standards in web technology, are often times down and unstable and not supported by their caretakers. Add to that the lacking moderation that occurs and you get a site with no standards and no love for the community. This site will break free from what you are used to. It will be family friendly and moderation and rules will keep that at the forefront.

What types of things will you find here? 1. A community forum using the latest technology with categories for ALL Commodore computers. No more going to 5 different forums to discuss your favorite system. 2. The latest news and reviews of all things going on in the Commodore Community. 3. We intend to work with all the individuals that are currently producing hardware and software to give them a global place for announcements and to discuss their latest products. Looking for a new piece of software or hardware? We want to make a one stop section to find the details of all the latest products with pertinent information and ordering info straight from the source. 4. We want to help users meet and discuss and exchange just like back in the day only on a global scale. We are considering adding a section for each user to post their collection, images, and more to their personal page.

When is this happening?

We are in the early stages of design and are currently putting together a team to get this accomplished so no time frame is available yet. This is being done by volunteers who are passionate about building a much needed community for one of the most beloved line of computers in history. Some things may be added or removed from the preliminary list above. But we want this to succeed so if you have any skills with graphics, web programming, branding, etc. that you would like to volunteer we want to hear from you. We are doing this on a volunteer basis as this will not be a commercial endeavor and we want it to be created by the community. Beyond donations for actual costs, we would like there to be no monetization during the foreseeable future. That means we do not want ads, no spam, no crummy image hosting with malware attached. We will host all images and files here, all ad free and malware free. No spying or tracking with third parties like Google, Yahoo or Bing, not even for logistics and web trends. We will keep track of all that ourselves.

What Can You Do To Help?

As stated above, we would like to form a compelling team of volunteers. We are looking for help with the following skills and positions:

If you would like to volunteer for any of the above positions, please submit your information via the form below. Our Forum Moderators will be required to follow strict policies and procedures for moderators. They are there to support the community. Ideal candidates will have experience with either forum moderation or preferably, actually ran a Commodore BBS whether recently or back in the day. The News Coordinator will be responsible for gathering all the goings on in the Commodore Community and reporting/writing posts as well as reviewing products, new products, Events, and even News from the Archives. The User Group Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining the list and profiles of User Groups and their events, etc. Community Leaders will help grow the user base and promote the forums and planned BBS. If you would like to Sponsor the site there will be a list of sponsors and links provided on the site. We are aiming to be the largest Commodore Community on the internet that is also created *by* the community.

Spread The Word!

By all means help us by spreading the word! Tell your friends, email it to news lists, add it to link sites and Commodore Database sites. But please don't spam other forums or communities. If they have a place to mention other sites great but if not, private messages to your friends is better. We want this to be a great community that people will want to join and be a part of.

Contact/Team Member Form

Let's be real here: The sheer scale of what we are proposing will need many people to make it succeed. Please fill in the form below to be considered as a team member. We are looking for all skill levels so please fill in information about why you would like to be part of the team. We promise to contact everyone that submits a request. Do you have an idea about a certain aspect you would like to discuss? Perhaps you have ideas on forum categories, content, etc. Submit those too.